Review of Swan Huntley’s “We Could Be Beautiful.”

We Could Be BeautifulWe Could Be Beautiful by Swan Huntley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book almost hit my Goodreads “abandoned” shelf in the first fifty pages, but I was intrigued enough to stick with it and I’m glad I did. The first person narrator is an early-forties, Manhattan woman living off $80,000 per month (not a typo) from her father’s trust fund. She’s lost and thinks she’s miserable. Then she meets her Mr. Right who turns out to be Mr. Wrong. She grows a bit through the turmoil of discovering he is Mr. Wrong.

The writing is witty and it’s a quick read. I’m torn between 3 stars and 4. I think I’m going with 3 because I don’t like the protagonist, but we’re not supposed to like the protagonist so perhaps that’s an achievement deserving a four-star rating. The other characters are also well done. For example, the depiction of the mother with Alzheimer’s disease seems perfect to me. Been there, done that.

Overall, I’d say read this book.

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Author: Ann Heitland

Ann Heitland is a writer, living in Flagstaff, AZ. She's also a golfer, ex-lawyer, retired real estate broker, and active Democrat.

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